Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Music Video Bookings: Cee Lo Green - "It's Ok"

In November 2010, I sent a bunch of my models to a casting for the new Cee Lo Green music video called "It's Ok". I was really excited because I have always been a fan of Cee-Lo since his first album "Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections". In my mind if I were to book the video then I can add this booking to my collection of music video bookings for artist that have changed the face of music. In order to make sure I booked this job (no ifs, ands or buts) I sent out the model artillery! I sent some of my America's Next Top Model girls (Lisa Ramos & Ashley Howard), Project Runway girls (Lisa Nargi), Arden B Model finalist Tamyko Vassel, Video Vixens, and in general just models that make people stop like a "Deer in Headlights"! In the end, the winning model in this music video booking was Faren Collins who booked the role of "The Lady in Red". While watching the video I saw why she was the winner of this model booking battle (And she just was signed two weeks after she booked this video)! She had winning smile, graceful dreamgirl like moves......She had the whole package. Check out some of the photos and the video below:

Celebrity Client Jared Cotter, Patti LaBelle, Sherri Shepherd, and Jay Sean feed the homeless in Harlem.

    Every year I'm always looking for something to actually give me the true feeling of Christmas. The Christmas of 2010 involves lots of commercialism. It annoys me so much I really don't need to celebrate Christmas and could just sit back, relax, and stay home with no gifts involved. Last year when I went to Chicago, I was given the opportunity to buy, cook, and serve an excellent christmas dinner for a bunch of people at a homeless shelter. It was one of the most fufilling experiences that I have ever had in my life. It gave it more meaning, and there I found the true meaning of Christmas. As of right now I am still looking for some ways to give back this christmas, but I had to shoutout my celebrity client Jared Cotter as he has accomplished the deed I have not.

    On December 15th, at a West Harlem Community Food Bank with other celebrity's like American Idol Alum/Former Fuse Host Jared Cotter, Singer Jay Sean, Actress & Singer Patti LaBelle, and ABC's "The View" Host Sherri Shepherd the celebrities dished out delicious hot meals on that cold day. I definitely love them right now for taking the steps that I haven't done yet! Even though I wasn't there to view them doing the courteous deed other blogs said they served food, and even took time to give hugs! In my opinion of the celebrities that came down.....I feel they couldn't have selected a better bunch. Knowing Jared Cotter he has the personality to make people happy. Patti LaBelle everyone already knows is like a mother like figure. Jay Sean definitely knows the right words to say as he is an excellent songwriter, and Sherri Shepherd (who i've met through a previous interview with just can keep you laughing for hours, and the Christmas time is definitely a time for a jolly chuckle!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrity Noble: Exchange cast reunites for one last time!

On November 11th, my celebrity clients shot their reunion episode for Noble Exchange. Shot at the Hotel Rivington in New York, the all star cast relived all of their individual experiences on their amazing life changing trips. Stay tuned for their episodes to air next year on the Halogen Network.

Katie Chonacas (Actress), Sheena Sakai (America's Next Top Model Cycle 11), Jared Cotter (American Idol 6 & Former Fuse Host), Tamara Park (Noble Exchange Producer), and O'neal Mcknight (Singer).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My client Singer O'neal Mcknight gets "Crazy" on Global Grind.

My client Singer O'neal Mcknight has been keeping very busy lately. Taping his television show (Noble Exchange), his mixtape, and also working alongside Diddy's "Dirty Money". His drive is very much so inspiring that I felt a shout out was needed to commend his hustle mentality and "tapeworm" work ethic. Recently Music Mogul Russell Simmons did an article on O'neal regarding his new single called "Crazy". You can check out the article post at the link below:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Client Look-a-Like of the Week!!!

My client look a like for the week:

They are casting for a project for a kid that look like a young version of Jesse Eisenberg. Doesn't my client look like him?......Thoughts.....Opinions......

Jesse Eisenberg

Kevin Austin

Also Kevin Austin just booked a Jay Leno Show Skit, as well as a live project Ironwill Kids!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Benjamin Bookings Tip of the Day:

Benjamin Bookings Tip of the Day: 

As a model or actor you are a representation of what you present. You are a product. Presentation is key. If you present a crappy product to prospective buyers most likely your sales will not go up. If you present photos to perspective agencies that are seriously unprofessional (Naked, horrible quality, photos with your friends) you will not be looked at seriously. Your snapshots should look something like the ones below:

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Client Rushawn Chung being considered for the role of "Nahuel" in Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

When I got the call for my client Rushawn being considered for the role of "Nahuel" in "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" I was ecstatic. Not only did we get a call for my last client Kayla Di Venere to audition for the role of "Renesmee Cullen", but now we received one for Rushawn. We just signed Rushawn last month and this is an excellent beginning for him since joining the MMG Model and Talent Management family. He most recently can be seen in Marie Claire Magazine (Article: The Best Cities for Singles: New York). In my opinion, Rushawn fits the role perfectly. Right now we are in the waiting phases to find out if he will actually receive the role. Everyone wish him luck as he definitely needs it!!! Check out the snapshots below of Rushawn, as well as his online tearsheet with Marie Claire....What's your opinion? Look wise, do you think he should get the role?


Saturday, September 4, 2010

I got my client Kayla Di Venere an audition to play the daughter (Renesmee) of Kristen Stewart (Bella) & Robert Pattinson (Edward) in Twilight: Breaking Dawn and the press goes crazy!!

I had to blog about this most recent situation that happened. I was submitting talent to possibly audition to play the role of "Renesmee" in the new Twilight: Breaking Dawn. I couldn't find any one that fit the specifications they were looking for until I saw one of our new girls Kayla Di Venere. Out of a great amount of talent I received in the past month I felt as though her and brother stood out like a sore thumb to me. They had excellent looks, their personalities were on point, as well as their acting skills. I submitted Kayla for the audition (and no one else) and literally in twenty minutes she was called in to audition in Toronto, Canada. When one of my associates had told me she received a call to audition I was so excited because it is really hard to get an audition for Twilight. You have to have something really special to be called in by them because the project is so big and is a guaranteed blockbuster! Even though this is not the 1st time I have gotten someone (Brianna Schlanger) an audition for the film it's another shot to possibly give another special talent of mine an opportunity. For the second Twilight: New Moon I had my client Brianna Schlanger (she looks like Taylor Lautner's Sister) audition for the role of Emily, but the role was later given to Tinsel Korey.

What happened the next day was just crazy:

The press later found out that Kayla was auditioning for the role and ran with it. It was on blogs, websites, websites in different countries....Crazy. We even received calls from popular channels about doing an interview with her, but we declined them all. In the end I would love it if she just booked it.
The press is nice, but the role would be better. We'd rather have her receive an hour, than just 15 minutes. We want her to become a Dakota Fanning!! Also another I just realized is that the Twilight fans are hardcore and will find out whatever they need to know about the film by whatever means possible. Point Blank!! Ha ha ha.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Booking for Model/Actress Bobbi Jo Kitchen for the Eminem & Rihanna Parody of "Love the Way You Lie".

Ladies and Gentleman, as I write this I am on my last ounce of sleep. When I say I work more than 40hours a week....I definitely do. I am always on and my talent contact me well throughout the night for booking info, questions, etc. It's annoying sometimes, but the majority not because I love my job and put my all & all into it.  I had to get this blog posting out because of all the hype around this particular booking at this moment.

When me and Simona 1st saw the posting that was looking for a Rihanna look-a-like, me and Simona screamed with excitement as we knew our talented, and very beautiful Bobbi Jo Kitchen would book the job.  For probably 1 or 2 days I was waiting in anticipation for the call (And would ask Simona Annoyingly just incase I missed it) because I knew it was coming. When it comes to Bobbi Jo's background she is highly well versed as an actress and model, and almost identical if not more beautiful than Rihanna. She was so perfect for the job that even though she didn't book the job yet, I called her and told her she was going to be booked so keep her availability for the specific day of shooting.  So long behold she gets booked,  and we get her to the set and the product is on youtube.

What is sooooooooooooooo exciting for me about this project is to see all of the websites, radio stations, and blogs that are picking up how good this video is.  The first blog that picked it up was (and you know when he picks it up its a wrap) which made me so excited because it was the second thing I sent my talent to that he talked about (the 1st was Sheena Sakai from ANTM auditioning for Victoria's Secret). Other websites, and radio stations that posted it were Entertainment Weekly, 95.1 Kiss FM, 92.3 Now, B96 Chicago, 96.5 Tic Fm,, Q 104 Radio, and many more!

It was also voted Favorite Youtube Video and Most Watched Youtube Video for that week!!! I only wish we could win a Webby, that would be the highlight of this booking or if they can put it on like one of those VH1 show's where they make fun of the internet videos!!! OMG, I would so be in love!!!!!!!!

If you wanna check out the video that is sweeping the internet check the youtube video below:

P.S. I've also attached some behind the scenes footage from the shoot!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Booking for Model/Actress Bobbi Jo Kitchen for the Spragga Benz Music Video "Who Inna Di Middle".

I have been waiting for this video to come out for the longest time (at least a year or more)!! Usually I know when videos are out, but this particular video took a very long time to come out which was annoying. The video is called "Who inna di Middle" by popular Reggae artist Spragga Benz.

The song features my model Bobbi Jo Kitchen (50's Cents "I Get Money"). What people don't know about me and Bobbi Jo is that we went to college together. We always had mutual friends, would have casual conversation from time to time, casual acquaintances. The 1st time I met her was near the cafeteria at my college. I saw her and had to say something to her because I thought her beauty was magnificent. I went up to her as are mutual friends were talking and I said "You are so pretty. You need to audition for America's Next Top Model, they would take you", and she said "Thank you, I went, but they didn't take me". I replied back "they are retarded". Now the rest is history and in the present she is signed to my agency as as well as others and working very consistently. Consistently enough that I say Rihanna, watch the hell out!!! Bobbi Jo is not a musician, but she is coming for you!! Make sure your contracts with Covergirl are Iron Clad Tight!!!! She's hungry, and when the lioness is hungry, she needs to be fed!

Also speaking of Rihanna, I recently booked Bobbi Jo on a webisode job where she plays Rihanna in the Eminem "Love the Way You Lie" music video. I'm excited and cannot wait to see the parody as the previous parodies done by have recieved lots of press, and are really funny. Attached below are some links on their previous parodies:

Going back to the Spragga Benz Music Video..... I didn't even think the video was going to come out (which has happened before, and is really annoying), but it did and the video below is the result. I think the song is pretty okay. I didn't think it was Spragga Benz's best song, but it was cool. I got a great amount of feedback on it, and a lot of people have told me they hate the song (to each their own). The song may not be up to par with what some of his fans like, but when it comes to the presentation of the video I liked it. I thought it had a very reggae meets old school 1950's-60's Harlem feel. I also thought my model Bobbi Jo showed her acting skills, dancing, and personality all in this video.

Behind the scenes shots:

When all comes down to it only you can be the judge, but just letting you know. You can't judge me, you can only judge the artist and the director. They make the choices, and I just give them the supplies. They don't have to choose scissors if they have a knife, but scissors do cut more precisely. Damn me, and my on the spot metaphors! lol.

Check out the video:

Watching TV and my "Bare Naked Ladies" Music Video booking!

I'm watching Rachel Zoe on Bravo as I type this blog posting. It's the episode of Naomi Campbell's Haiti Relief Fashion show and models are not showing up. I totally get what she is going through because me as a booker I always get the backlash and look totally bad in the eyes of the client if the talent decides it's not important to show up!!! That is total grounds for dismisal, and is one of my biggest pet peeves with models. If you want to be a model dedicate yourself to it. You are not going to BE Naomi Cambell if you can't ACT like Naomi Campbell!!! Take that quote, read it, analyze it, and run wit it!

But going back into why I'm writing today, I just wanted to let you all know my clients Christopher Mello, and Emma Marin both have lead roles in the new Bare Naked Ladies Music Video. I was excited because I do videos all the time, but the Bare Naked Ladies are a very prominent and popular rock band. Ever since I was growing up I would always hear "Bare Naked Ladies" this, and "Bare Naked Ladies" that! Even though I was never an avid "Bare Naked Ladies" fan, after watching the video (called Subway Car), the direction they took with it, and the meaning of the song. It just makes me want to listen to them more. I also feel like i'm apart of history as I was one the one who had a hand in placing such talented people in their video.

Oh lord! "Freedom Writers" is on MTV. Why do they always make movies with the white woman from the suburbs who comes to the ghetto minority community and change them for the better. I'm not gonna's a good movie, but it's always the same old stories with these movies! LOL. I'm sooooooooooooo going of topic.

But yeah, definitely watch the music video below. It has a very urban-esc, at the same time beautiful feel to it. My clients are the graffiti artist, and the girl on the bus.

Until next time......I gotta change the channel!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Booking the new Jazmine Sullivan Music Video "Holding you Down (Going in Circles).

This monday (August 9th, 2010) I sent a bunch of my models, actors, and actresses to the Jazmine Sullivan Music Video audition for her new song "Holding you Down (Going in Circles)". When I 1st heard this song on the radio I was excited, and automatically knew the theme should be Old School 1990's, Kid and Play style (which it's going to be). I got a call on friday from the casting director and called all friday and on the weekend to get my talent to the audition. When monday came around I don't know what happen, but my talent started to drop like flies which started to frustrate me heavily because the casting directors depend on me to deliver the goods (being the actors). I got a couple of replacements, and in the end two of my actor/models (Angelique Velez and Christopher Lyle) were victorious in winning roles in the video. Angelique will be playing the role of Jazmine's Friend and Christopher will be playing one of the party goers. I was so happy because I have been a fan of Jazmine Sullivan since the "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" song! The song was written just the way I would've written it, plus her voice is very distinct from the average. Below is a shot of my client Christopher Lyle behind the scenes on the set of the video:

I'll update with the Music Video once it comes out!!!

My Celebrity Client Singer O'neal Mcknight gets press in US Magazine!

I am late on some of my updates so hang in there! New bookings, and more that I missed are on the way. A couple of months ago my celebrity client singer O'neal Mcknight (Universal/SRC) booked a reality show that I got him for the Halogen TV Network. “Noble Exchange” is a Halogen original TV series which explores what the West can learn from other cultures. Discover how the beauty, innovation and verve of people around the world can inspire and help you make a difference in your community. The next season which airs next year will have celebrities going to another country to learn a skill from a native of that country while touching on a social injustice. When I submitted O'neal Mcknight (as well as some other celebrities that will be revealed at a later date) I had to push hard by letting the producer of the show know that he is one of the best candidates. When it comes O'neal is he always for giving back to others, especially the children. Once the process of selling him was done, the next thing to do was to get the producer of the show to have a sit down with him to see where his head was at and if he was right for this project. When O'neal came into the office he came with this superstar swagger and totally sold the producer of the show. She called me with praise, and told me how much she wanted to book him for the next episode which was called "Noble Exchange: Brazil". I cannot wait to see the episode air next year (and next year cannot come any sooner!). When this piece of press came out in US Magazine Weekly I was so excited as now I have a piece of press to add to my portfolio of bookings!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Behind the scenes of the music video "Truth" by Chiddy Bang featuring my client Reality Star Kiana Jenkins.

Hey People,

I have some behind the scenes footage of my client Kiana Jenkins (Queen Bee's) on the set of the music video "Truth" by the group Chiddy Bang. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!

LOOSEWORLD X Chiddy Bang - TRUTH Behind the Scenes from LOOSEWORLD on Vimeo.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Reality Star Kiana Jenkins books Music Video for Artists "Chiddy Bang".

Excited. This is the first booking for my Reality Star Client Kiana Jenkins. Kiana is previously from the N Network's Teen Reality Show "Queen Bees". I was so excited for Kiana to get booked on this music video for the group "Chiddy Bang". The group consists of two guys (rapper and producer) with a very eclectic sound. Kiana is very featured in the video as she not only dances, but lip syncs the words.  I cannot wait for the footage to get out so I can see it. Google her for more info! For now you can check out these behind the scenes shots below:

Chiddy Bang - Truth from LOOSEWORLD on Vimeo.


I don't update the site too much, and I know I forget some bookings.
I'm probably missing a good amount, but these are just some of my favorites.

My Asian Persuasion Model Saglara gets booked for Neyo's Bday Party.

Saglara was chosen to strut her stuff as a model for musician Neyo's 30th birthday bash. When she booked it I was really excited because I wanted to go to Neyo's Party, and it's definitely a plus to have your model struting her stuff there. In the end I didn't end up going, but Saglara has a very distinct model face that actually took some people by shock at the party as she told me. I thought it was funny because she is like weirdly pretty!

Krystal Marshall books How I Met Your Mother
 Krystal Marshall lands a spot on the hit NBC sitcom,
"How I Met Your Mother."  When I booked her on this show
I was kind of shocked because I knew she had potential, but
until you book a role with a name that is not extra, I consider
you another actor. Her booking this role definitely put her up a
notch in my book!

Navajo books Disney
Navajo is a very lucky girl! Ever since she signed with the agency
she definitely gets a high quality of castings. The majority of all
her castings are always from Disney. I think she definitely has
 potential to be a Disney Star. When Navajo was booked for this
 job it was actually a direct booking which rarely happens. The
job I booked her on was for a new web series
called, "Solution Street."

I was so excited when Amarian Woods landed a role on the hit
ABC Family show, "Greek!". Amarian is actually my first signee.
When I signed him he was actually recommended to me by
another one of my talented african american male actors in LA.
That actor knew I needed more African American males and sent
Amarian. I love Amarian because he is hungry!!! He really wants
success, and is definitely going to make it happen by all means.
The best way to make a connection with your booker is by being
their friend, and now I can say he is my friend. I submit him for
everything that he fits. It was a real process to get him booked
 on the show, but it was well worth it. 

Brianna gets booked on Nickelodeon
Brianna S. lands a spot on the hit Nickelodeon show,
"Big Time Rush!". When I booked her for a spot on Big Time Rush
on Nickelodeon it was really out of no where. At this time Brianna
was all over the place traveling so I was lucky to even have all
the right factors for her to be booked.

Vanessa H. lands a female teen role on the next Spinmaster Toys
TV Commercial. This is her first booking with me!

Tim Chaisson Music Video
Rachel S. books the lead role in the music video for artist
Tim Chiasson's upcoming release. She is the lead girl for the
music video. She is one of my most requested girls in Toronto!!!

Dentyne Ice
Sean M is my hottest asian guy in Canada!!! I booked him on a
print advertisement for Dentyne Ice gum where he is kissing a
female model! Excited to see when the tear sheet comes out!
Boo yaka! lol.

Matt Barnes

Frazer M. shoots with top Toronto photographer Matt Barnes for a
product billboard and web to be announced. I love this boys look
and I'm glad to have to have him on board. He definitely has that
young sexy star appeal!!

These are just some....I know these are just some but i'm sooooooo
 busy so I had to give you a quick update. Comment guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Boo Yaka!!!! LOL.