Friday, March 26, 2010


I don't update the site too much, and I know I forget some bookings.
I'm probably missing a good amount, but these are just some of my favorites.

My Asian Persuasion Model Saglara gets booked for Neyo's Bday Party.

Saglara was chosen to strut her stuff as a model for musician Neyo's 30th birthday bash. When she booked it I was really excited because I wanted to go to Neyo's Party, and it's definitely a plus to have your model struting her stuff there. In the end I didn't end up going, but Saglara has a very distinct model face that actually took some people by shock at the party as she told me. I thought it was funny because she is like weirdly pretty!

Krystal Marshall books How I Met Your Mother
 Krystal Marshall lands a spot on the hit NBC sitcom,
"How I Met Your Mother."  When I booked her on this show
I was kind of shocked because I knew she had potential, but
until you book a role with a name that is not extra, I consider
you another actor. Her booking this role definitely put her up a
notch in my book!

Navajo books Disney
Navajo is a very lucky girl! Ever since she signed with the agency
she definitely gets a high quality of castings. The majority of all
her castings are always from Disney. I think she definitely has
 potential to be a Disney Star. When Navajo was booked for this
 job it was actually a direct booking which rarely happens. The
job I booked her on was for a new web series
called, "Solution Street."

I was so excited when Amarian Woods landed a role on the hit
ABC Family show, "Greek!". Amarian is actually my first signee.
When I signed him he was actually recommended to me by
another one of my talented african american male actors in LA.
That actor knew I needed more African American males and sent
Amarian. I love Amarian because he is hungry!!! He really wants
success, and is definitely going to make it happen by all means.
The best way to make a connection with your booker is by being
their friend, and now I can say he is my friend. I submit him for
everything that he fits. It was a real process to get him booked
 on the show, but it was well worth it. 

Brianna gets booked on Nickelodeon
Brianna S. lands a spot on the hit Nickelodeon show,
"Big Time Rush!". When I booked her for a spot on Big Time Rush
on Nickelodeon it was really out of no where. At this time Brianna
was all over the place traveling so I was lucky to even have all
the right factors for her to be booked.

Vanessa H. lands a female teen role on the next Spinmaster Toys
TV Commercial. This is her first booking with me!

Tim Chaisson Music Video
Rachel S. books the lead role in the music video for artist
Tim Chiasson's upcoming release. She is the lead girl for the
music video. She is one of my most requested girls in Toronto!!!

Dentyne Ice
Sean M is my hottest asian guy in Canada!!! I booked him on a
print advertisement for Dentyne Ice gum where he is kissing a
female model! Excited to see when the tear sheet comes out!
Boo yaka! lol.

Matt Barnes

Frazer M. shoots with top Toronto photographer Matt Barnes for a
product billboard and web to be announced. I love this boys look
and I'm glad to have to have him on board. He definitely has that
young sexy star appeal!!

These are just some....I know these are just some but i'm sooooooo
 busy so I had to give you a quick update. Comment guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Boo Yaka!!!! LOL.

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