Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Music Video Bookings: Cee Lo Green - "It's Ok"

In November 2010, I sent a bunch of my models to a casting for the new Cee Lo Green music video called "It's Ok". I was really excited because I have always been a fan of Cee-Lo since his first album "Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections". In my mind if I were to book the video then I can add this booking to my collection of music video bookings for artist that have changed the face of music. In order to make sure I booked this job (no ifs, ands or buts) I sent out the model artillery! I sent some of my America's Next Top Model girls (Lisa Ramos & Ashley Howard), Project Runway girls (Lisa Nargi), Arden B Model finalist Tamyko Vassel, Video Vixens, and in general just models that make people stop like a "Deer in Headlights"! In the end, the winning model in this music video booking was Faren Collins who booked the role of "The Lady in Red". While watching the video I saw why she was the winner of this model booking battle (And she just was signed two weeks after she booked this video)! She had winning smile, graceful dreamgirl like moves......She had the whole package. Check out some of the photos and the video below:

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