Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dawn Richard in the film "Perfect Combination".

Soooooo.....I'm sorry I haven't updated you guys for a while, but I have been very busy. But this time I definitely have to post this as it's a booking that I am very proud of. I recently booked Dawn Richard from the 2x Platinum selling girl group Danity Kane. Dawn is a client I brought into MMG and I am proud I was able to get her cameo in a film. The name of the film is called "Project Combination", and it stars Angell Cowell (Baby Boy and Soul Plane), Christian Keyes (Tyler Perry Films), Debra Wilson (Mad Tv), and some other great people. I am proud because Dawn's schedule is totally crazy especially with the breaking up of Danity Kane and the making of her new group "Dirty Money" which consists of Diddy, herself, and Kaleena (a top writer). The movie was shot in LA, and I cannot wait to see knowing that I had some part in making history in her career.