Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Celebrity Client Singer O'neal Mcknight gets press in US Magazine!

I am late on some of my updates so hang in there! New bookings, and more that I missed are on the way. A couple of months ago my celebrity client singer O'neal Mcknight (Universal/SRC) booked a reality show that I got him for the Halogen TV Network. “Noble Exchange” is a Halogen original TV series which explores what the West can learn from other cultures. Discover how the beauty, innovation and verve of people around the world can inspire and help you make a difference in your community. The next season which airs next year will have celebrities going to another country to learn a skill from a native of that country while touching on a social injustice. When I submitted O'neal Mcknight (as well as some other celebrities that will be revealed at a later date) I had to push hard by letting the producer of the show know that he is one of the best candidates. When it comes O'neal is he always for giving back to others, especially the children. Once the process of selling him was done, the next thing to do was to get the producer of the show to have a sit down with him to see where his head was at and if he was right for this project. When O'neal came into the office he came with this superstar swagger and totally sold the producer of the show. She called me with praise, and told me how much she wanted to book him for the next episode which was called "Noble Exchange: Brazil". I cannot wait to see the episode air next year (and next year cannot come any sooner!). When this piece of press came out in US Magazine Weekly I was so excited as now I have a piece of press to add to my portfolio of bookings!!

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