Friday, December 5, 2008

Tatiyana Cotton on NBC's "Heroes"

I feel like a proud parent Ha Ha Ha. One of my Talent at MMG just completed a stint on "Heroes". I am so proud of this girl their are no words to describe. It's crazy when you have a talent and you see the hard work has payed off. I remember the day I submitted Tatiyana for Heroes and I knew she was going to get called. I told everyone in the office that I was submitting her for Heroes and I have a really good feeling they are going to call her back. So one day when I least expected it the casting director for "Heroes" called me and said she had a casting. Her and another actor/model were selected for it, but I knew the other girl was unreliable and that Tatiana was definitely going to make it to that audition, and if she wasn't she was sure gonna try. I love talent who really take their career serious compared to Actors/Models who think it's going to come over night. Tatiyana is one of those people I believe in. When she came in for her first audition I thought she was adorable, but when I seen her episode of "Heroes" This week I was totally shocked. No acting experience and this girl was able to portray emotions that only veteran actors can invoke. Tatiyana is my first talent to get press, a big role, and fans. Her mom is especially another great person just because she is not a stage mom, and stage mom's will mess up business (I've been there). I love her and her mom and I'm happy for Tatiyana's Success. Her episode aired this week "Heroes: The Eclipse:Part II" she plays the role of the "Vivienne's Sister aka The Haitian Girl". Google her for more information. If you would like to book Tatiana for any gigs or personal appearances you can contact me at 212-253-8353 ext 248 Ben.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My most heartfelt condolences go out to the Goodspeed Family.

Drama! Drama! Drama!! My heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Ms. Paula Goodspeed. Recently Paula committed suicide in front of Singer and American Idol host Paula Abdul's house. Right now I am feeling the pain because of my client Brianna Schlanger(MMG) who is very distraught about the situation. Paula was a very good friend to Brianna, and I have been getting constant calls from television stations regarding this incident. It's not like Brianna to be very confused and upset, as she has a very outgoing loving personality. To feel Brianna in so much pain hurts me as I am very close to my clients at MMG. My most heartfelt condolences go out to the Goodspeed family. I don't even know what to say to Brianna regarding this situation as I have never been one to experience death so close to home. Keep your head up Goodspeed family. Keep your head up Brianna! Just know she is loved and in a good place.

Benjamin "Kojo" Oduro

Saturday, September 27, 2008

America's Next Top Supermodels

I know I haven't kept up with the site, but I haven't forgot I've just been very busy! Fashion week just came and being that is was my first time attending I was very excited! But during all of the madness I had the pleasure of meeting recent America's Next Top Model winner Whitney. She is a really cool person and I can see why she won. She has a personality that just shines immensely and she knows how to take a good photo. "Her exact words to me when we were taking the photo were "are we doing happy or FIERCE! Lol. You can currently check her out in the new issue of Supermodels Magazine (pages 74-77). Also in the magazine is one of my models who is currently rocking in LA. You can check out my model Brianna Schlanger on page 36 with a little tidbit in the magazine written by yours truly! LOL. I got my first writing credit! lol.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brittany on the New Show "Queen Bees" on The N.

A big congrats goes to one of my top booking models, Brittany! She recently just finished taping the new Reality Show "Queen Bees" which will air on The N. I am really proud of her. Brittany is one of the top LA girls at MMG, and she has the "It" factor! Everytime I send her out on bookings she gets it. She just called me a few minutes ago to tell me the good news!!! I am very proud of her. She truly is a star. If you want to check out Brittany and the show go to

If you would like to book brittany you can contact me at MMG 212-253-8353 ext 248

New Model Kani for Nu Urban Mag

Check out my model "Kani" on the first issue for the new online periodical, "Nu Urban Mag". This is her first print job, it's a job well done. You can check it out at
For booking you can contact me at 646-670-1672

Janelle Monet Music Video

I have another Music Video Update!!!! Artist Janelle Monet is the new top notch chick on the block. With her crazy eclectic futuristic style this girl is a force to be reckoned with. She is signed to Andre 3000's label and just finished signing a deal with Bad Boy Records. Diddy needs an artist like her to stur things up. I was told the video is going to be fun and futuristic! I just booked some models for this great video. Casey who was in the recent Ashley Simpson and Natasha Bedingfield video, Newbie Heather, and Brittany who just shot the "Forever the Sickest Kids" Music Video. Can't wait for the video to debut!!

To book any of these girls who reside in LA contact MMG at 212-253-8353 ext 248 Ben

ANTM's Shandi and Me @ Karaoke!

I recently had the chance to hangout with America's Next Top Model's Cycle 2's Shandi. She is so nice and her own style! I love girls that don't stick to the norm of what they should be. Girls are supposed to be pretty, dolled up with lots of makeup. She is the exact opposite of that she is naturally pretty without the makeup, tattooed up, and tall lanky dance moves. lol. I love her.

Santogold Music Video

I am like infatuated with SantoGold right now, and if you aren't then you need to get up on it!!! Her music is infectious, crazy, and is somewhat a mix of M.I.A.! She's a mix of everything musically. I recently booked some MMG models for her new video. Can't wait for it to come out.

To Book any of these models contact MMG @ 212-253-8353 ext 223 for Simona or ext 226 for Julieanne

Top Male Model of the Future.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Basic Model Management's new Golden boy "Christian Dubosse". He is all around cool person for the few minutes I spoke to him. Overall this boy is the ultimate model package. I look forward to seeing him do big things in the industry. You can check him out as he is the "Of The Minute" on
Check him out!
If you would like to book him you can contact Basic Model Management @ 212-861-1561

Mary Jo Wold for Peek & Cloppenberg.

In New York I send models out and book them on important campaigns. For example I had the pleasure of booking reality celebrity Mary Jo Wold from "I know my Kid's a Star" on the "Peek and Cloppenberg" campaign for Germany. She said she had lots of fun and I'm glad that she got it as it adds another notch to my belt and gets her extra exposure!!! I love her! She's great and so is her mom Pam. I also just sent her out on an audition for Gossip Girl, lets hope she gets it!

To book Mary Jo you can contact MMG at 212-253-8353 ext 248