Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Booking the new Jazmine Sullivan Music Video "Holding you Down (Going in Circles).

This monday (August 9th, 2010) I sent a bunch of my models, actors, and actresses to the Jazmine Sullivan Music Video audition for her new song "Holding you Down (Going in Circles)". When I 1st heard this song on the radio I was excited, and automatically knew the theme should be Old School 1990's, Kid and Play style (which it's going to be). I got a call on friday from the casting director and called all friday and on the weekend to get my talent to the audition. When monday came around I don't know what happen, but my talent started to drop like flies which started to frustrate me heavily because the casting directors depend on me to deliver the goods (being the actors). I got a couple of replacements, and in the end two of my actor/models (Angelique Velez and Christopher Lyle) were victorious in winning roles in the video. Angelique will be playing the role of Jazmine's Friend and Christopher will be playing one of the party goers. I was so happy because I have been a fan of Jazmine Sullivan since the "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" song! The song was written just the way I would've written it, plus her voice is very distinct from the average. Below is a shot of my client Christopher Lyle behind the scenes on the set of the video:

I'll update with the Music Video once it comes out!!!

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