Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Booked My Models in the new 50 Cent Music Video "Do You Think About Me".

I'm so backed up on my booking postings so right now I'm trying to catch up. A couple of months ago I was looking for 50 cent look-a-likes. It was a hard process, but I had found my friends from college that were twins and booked them in 50's New Music Video "Do You Think About Me". I also booked some of my other models Hans Fleuriot and Mike Mizzle.

I was so excited for all the guys, but when I saw the video it was a little disappointing. The song is hot, the concept was hot, but the guys were all made to stay in a group with black hoodies around 50 Cent, and just nod their head and make sure their face is not shown (No shine for the guys whatsoever). The only person I could really recognize was Mike Mizzle and that's because he's my model. If I didn't know him I would've never known it was him in the video, but I guess that what happens in the industry. Behind the scenes I heard it was kinda ghetto.
They were all a bunch of hood guys, who were trying to get 50 to acknowledge them while in the process of shooting the video. Professionalism anyone????  Well all & all I guess you can say the saying for this was "You win some and you lose some". Sometimes you get to shine, and sometimes your just a background prop! Check out the video below if you haven't seen it!
In this picture Mike N is in the back of 50Cent.

Booking Model Edgar Lopez in Courtney Cooper's "Pull Me Out My Clothes" Music Video.

A while back I was asked to book models for a new artist called Courtney Cooper. The first person that came to mind was my male model Edgar Lopez. Edgar most recently booked a role as a waiter in the new "Sex and the City 2" film.
This song specifically has been played on z100. Check out the finished music video "Pull Me Out My Clothes".