Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music Video Booking: Whitney Houston and Queen Latifah's "Fast Car".

Hey Guys,
so this past weekend was horrible as well as great! I booked two music videos in one weekend, but the negative part was I had no rest and time to hang out on my days off. In the end it worked out because a bunch of my actors and models were booked for the Queen Latifah Music Video for her new single "Fast Car" and for Whitney Houstons new music video. One of my girls was actually so good that they wanted her to even play Whitney's Double for the second day of shooting. In the end I am happy I sacrificed my weekend because I know that in some way I am apart of music industry history, and theirs always more weekends ahead to relax and have fun!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Maxwell's "Bad Habits" ft my client Mari White!!!

I'm soooooo excited that this video came out!!! I booked my client Mari White for the role of Maxwell's wife in this music video "Bad Habits"!! First it's the Jay-Z "DOA" video, and now it's Maxwell's "Bad Habits"!! I made History!!! LoL. It was a long and tiresome process booking this job. They had already chosen some of my other clients and told me they had a good shot at booking the job. It was between my client Dawn Richard (Danity Kane and Dirty Money) and Bobbi Jo Kitchen (50 Cent's "Okay Your Right" and "I Get Money"). I was excited because I wanted so bad to see Dawn in a cameo and Bobbi Jo is my School Chum and friend, so either or I win! But when they told me scratch both out and Kerry Washington got it I was upset! Not only because it was a weekend, but because I was sick, But the fact that they booked another one of my girl made up for it! So in the end I still won and made history!!! Check out the video as it is my video of the month!!! LOL.

Jay-Z "DOA" Death of AutoTune!!!

Hey so I'm excited to have something to do with Hip Hop History. I booked one of my clients (Morgan Nicols) in the New Jay-Z Music Video "DOA" (Death of Autotune). He's one of the guys in the restaurant! But just to say I even had anything to do with it makes me excited!!! Check Out the video!!!