Saturday, August 21, 2010

Watching TV and my "Bare Naked Ladies" Music Video booking!

I'm watching Rachel Zoe on Bravo as I type this blog posting. It's the episode of Naomi Campbell's Haiti Relief Fashion show and models are not showing up. I totally get what she is going through because me as a booker I always get the backlash and look totally bad in the eyes of the client if the talent decides it's not important to show up!!! That is total grounds for dismisal, and is one of my biggest pet peeves with models. If you want to be a model dedicate yourself to it. You are not going to BE Naomi Cambell if you can't ACT like Naomi Campbell!!! Take that quote, read it, analyze it, and run wit it!

But going back into why I'm writing today, I just wanted to let you all know my clients Christopher Mello, and Emma Marin both have lead roles in the new Bare Naked Ladies Music Video. I was excited because I do videos all the time, but the Bare Naked Ladies are a very prominent and popular rock band. Ever since I was growing up I would always hear "Bare Naked Ladies" this, and "Bare Naked Ladies" that! Even though I was never an avid "Bare Naked Ladies" fan, after watching the video (called Subway Car), the direction they took with it, and the meaning of the song. It just makes me want to listen to them more. I also feel like i'm apart of history as I was one the one who had a hand in placing such talented people in their video.

Oh lord! "Freedom Writers" is on MTV. Why do they always make movies with the white woman from the suburbs who comes to the ghetto minority community and change them for the better. I'm not gonna's a good movie, but it's always the same old stories with these movies! LOL. I'm sooooooooooooo going of topic.

But yeah, definitely watch the music video below. It has a very urban-esc, at the same time beautiful feel to it. My clients are the graffiti artist, and the girl on the bus.

Until next time......I gotta change the channel!

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