Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrity Client Jared Cotter, Patti LaBelle, Sherri Shepherd, and Jay Sean feed the homeless in Harlem.

    Every year I'm always looking for something to actually give me the true feeling of Christmas. The Christmas of 2010 involves lots of commercialism. It annoys me so much I really don't need to celebrate Christmas and could just sit back, relax, and stay home with no gifts involved. Last year when I went to Chicago, I was given the opportunity to buy, cook, and serve an excellent christmas dinner for a bunch of people at a homeless shelter. It was one of the most fufilling experiences that I have ever had in my life. It gave it more meaning, and there I found the true meaning of Christmas. As of right now I am still looking for some ways to give back this christmas, but I had to shoutout my celebrity client Jared Cotter as he has accomplished the deed I have not.

    On December 15th, at a West Harlem Community Food Bank with other celebrity's like American Idol Alum/Former Fuse Host Jared Cotter, Singer Jay Sean, Actress & Singer Patti LaBelle, and ABC's "The View" Host Sherri Shepherd the celebrities dished out delicious hot meals on that cold day. I definitely love them right now for taking the steps that I haven't done yet! Even though I wasn't there to view them doing the courteous deed other blogs said they served food, and even took time to give hugs! In my opinion of the celebrities that came down.....I feel they couldn't have selected a better bunch. Knowing Jared Cotter he has the personality to make people happy. Patti LaBelle everyone already knows is like a mother like figure. Jay Sean definitely knows the right words to say as he is an excellent songwriter, and Sherri Shepherd (who i've met through a previous interview with just can keep you laughing for hours, and the Christmas time is definitely a time for a jolly chuckle!

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