Saturday, September 4, 2010

I got my client Kayla Di Venere an audition to play the daughter (Renesmee) of Kristen Stewart (Bella) & Robert Pattinson (Edward) in Twilight: Breaking Dawn and the press goes crazy!!

I had to blog about this most recent situation that happened. I was submitting talent to possibly audition to play the role of "Renesmee" in the new Twilight: Breaking Dawn. I couldn't find any one that fit the specifications they were looking for until I saw one of our new girls Kayla Di Venere. Out of a great amount of talent I received in the past month I felt as though her and brother stood out like a sore thumb to me. They had excellent looks, their personalities were on point, as well as their acting skills. I submitted Kayla for the audition (and no one else) and literally in twenty minutes she was called in to audition in Toronto, Canada. When one of my associates had told me she received a call to audition I was so excited because it is really hard to get an audition for Twilight. You have to have something really special to be called in by them because the project is so big and is a guaranteed blockbuster! Even though this is not the 1st time I have gotten someone (Brianna Schlanger) an audition for the film it's another shot to possibly give another special talent of mine an opportunity. For the second Twilight: New Moon I had my client Brianna Schlanger (she looks like Taylor Lautner's Sister) audition for the role of Emily, but the role was later given to Tinsel Korey.

What happened the next day was just crazy:

The press later found out that Kayla was auditioning for the role and ran with it. It was on blogs, websites, websites in different countries....Crazy. We even received calls from popular channels about doing an interview with her, but we declined them all. In the end I would love it if she just booked it.
The press is nice, but the role would be better. We'd rather have her receive an hour, than just 15 minutes. We want her to become a Dakota Fanning!! Also another I just realized is that the Twilight fans are hardcore and will find out whatever they need to know about the film by whatever means possible. Point Blank!! Ha ha ha.

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