Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sheena Satana (America's Next Top Model Cycle 11) books the lead female role for the Music Video "I Wanna" by Singer & Songwriter Charlie Ward.

Sheena Satana (America's Next Top Model Cycle 11)

I sent Sheena Satana (America's Next Top Model Cycle 11) to an audition for Lady Gaga this sunday to be a backup vocalist. Not many people know that the very outspoken, hip hop asian female can actually sing! But disregarding that...that casting reminded me that I forgot to post a booking that I got for Sheena in the new music video she did for singer and songwriter Charlie Ward.

The song is called "I Wanna" and Sheena plays the lead girl alongside Charlie. In the video he basically take Sheena to different parts of this very S&M Themed place. Remember to also check out my other model/actress Thalia. I am so in love with the styling of the video which was styled by "The Blondes" aka Phillipe & David Blond.


Sheena & Thalia

Sheena made me proud with how good of an actress she is. Sheena definitely has that "IT" factor like Tyra said. You should definitely look out for her in the future as she projects in the works. You better believe it!!!
Here's the video:

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